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Karen Mukayelyan

Karen Mukayelyan

Woodwind instrument craftsman


“I consider music a cosmic phenomenon without which it would be impossible to live”. 

“We must maintain the values we have inherited, mastering even more and indispensably transferring them to the upcoming generations”. 

Karen Mukayelyan

Karen Mukayelyan was born to a family of music aficionados. He has been making Armenian woodwind instruments for more than 20 years. He has been studying the works of the masters of previous periods, and now he is considered a woodwind instrument master. 
He has been cooperating with both Armenian and foreign musicians who introduce the Armenian duduk art all over the world – Gevorg Dabaghyan, Levon Tevanyan, Kamo Seyranyan, Vahan Harutyunyan, Emmanuel Hovhannisyan, Harutyun Chkolyan, Gagik Gasparyan, Pedro Eustache, Tigran Khojayan, Armen Hovhannisyan, Harut Asatryan, Levon Minasyan, Artyom Minasyan, Hayk Tarverdyan, etc.
Karen Mukayelyan makes of apricot tree wood all types of Armenian duduks, pipes, shepherd flutes and pku.

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