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Mamikon Mkhitaryan

Mamikon Mkhitaryan

People’s  Craftsman specialising in metalware


“The taste of the Armenian should necessarily be maintained: only in that case might we assume a piece of art creation.”

“Irrespective of new technological possibilities, handcrafts are always highly valued – even much more now than in the past”.

Mamikon Mkhitaryan

Craftsman Mamikon Mkhitaryan graduated from the College of Fine Arts in 1980 – Khachatur Abovian Armenian State Pedagogical University.
The Craftsman has been dedicated to fine metal art for about 50 years, simultaneously studying Armenian illumination art. He chooses the Armenian traditions and manuscript illumination as a basis of his creativity. All works of his art are exclusively handmade – from the design stage to its final creation is done by the Master.

Jugs, pitchers, ceremonial cups, pots, book holders, reliquaries, and other objects of religious rites made of silver, copper and other metals are in the Armenian churches in Armenia and different countries in the world, as well as they are involved in the collections of fine metal art exhibitions. 

As items representing the Armenian culture, the Master’s works have reiteratively been presented as gifts to different country heads, delegates, honourable guests visiting Armenia, etc.

There are pieces of art created by him which have been recognised as items of cultural and historical value. Nevertheless, his art is used in everyday life chores. 
There are works which have been created – based on the archaeological findings.
Craftsman’s studio is always crowded – guests and apprentices who are introduced to the millennial cultural traditions, the secrets and nuances of their novel artistic realisation.

Master Mamikon Mkhitaryan is an artist of free creativity, and besides the traditional materials and Armenian decorative ornamental motives, he creates collections abroad which are more in line with the current trends and are typical of the culture and mentality of the country where they are created. 

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