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“I feel delighted in art.”

“The most enjoyable part of my work is the satisfaction of a finished piece of jewellery and admiring it over a cup of hot coffee.”

“It is necessary to create a piece of jewellery pleasing to the eye and pleasant to wear. The most important thing is the birth of the idea. It can sometimes be very unexpected, even when I do not think about it. Sometimes I have to wait for the muses to visit me for days. I look for a source of inspiration everywhere: in the mountains, waterfalls nearby, nature, while walking around the city or in museums, studying bas-reliefs and national decorations.”

VAR: Armen Vardapetyan

Armen Vardapetyan is a lawyer by profession candidate in sciences.
He used to teach at Yerevan State University for many years and then devoted himself entirely to art.
He received his artistic education at the National Aesthetics Centre Sculpture Department, named after Henrik Igityan.

Armen Vardapetyan was awarded the title of People’s Master of Armenia and a member of the Union of Artists of Armenia.
In 2021, he won an international jewellers’ competition, earning first place.
According to jeweller Armen Vardapetyan, the creation of jewellery is related to several factors: first, he examines in detail each nuance – the colour and nature of the stones, their energetic charge, and the combinability with metals.

The Cilician manuscripts inspired the artist to create the “KILIKIA” collection, with the bright colours of enamel typical of the Armenian art of that time. In his works, Armen Vardapetyan expresses the past of Armenia, and the history of the Cilician kingdom, only with his characteristic artistic view, showing not the pain and suffering of the Armenian people but the greatness and prosperity.

The “Kilikia” collection is a reminder to the world about the bright and rich cultural heritage of medieval Armenia. About the bright and rich cultural heritage of Armenia.

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