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Aida Santuryan

Aida Santuryan

Folk embroidery master


“It is a delight for me to deal with ornaments: I combine the multitude of Armenian ornaments, including those of carpet and rag weaving.”

“My aim is for Marash-province embroidery to spread and become widely known not only in Armenia but also beyond its borders. When I see that Marash embroidery is more developed, it seems that I have achieved my vision.”

“Just as we kept this heritage in Aleppo, we must keep it and pass it on to each other. This is a huge treasure.”

Aida Santuryan

The embroiderer Aida Santuryan was born in Aleppo in a Marash family.
She started embroidering at a young age for the home and as a gift. She is a teacher by profession, and at the same time, she has always been engaged in needlework.

After moving to Armenia, she improved her embroidery skills, especially Marash embroidery.
Marash embroidery is done on muslin, canvas, and leather fabrics. Aida Santuryan works by developing the traditional on the most innovative subjects so that the new generation accepts and passes it on from generation to generation.
After moving to Armenia, Aida Santuryan participated in many courses, considering it her mission to restore and develop embroidery as the history and culture of the people in Armenia, as in Syria.

Aida Santuryan’s works are presented under the brand “ARIKA”, which means culture, art, heritage and mission. “ARIKA” today strives to find wide recognition in different countries, spreading the rich traditions, culture and history of Armenian embroidery. 

“Arika” cooperates with Syrian-Armenian embroiderers, tailors and experts in various fields. “Arika” has often participated in exhibitions in Armenia and different countries.

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