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Huri Ipekchian

Huri Ipekchian

Embroidery master


Syrian-Armenian masters Huri and Salpi have been dedicated to embroidery for about 35 years, out of which 20 years in Syria, Aleppo, and since 2015 – in Armenia. Their creativity recovers, develops and spreads the Armenian embroidery traditions.

Through various courses and exhibitions, the embroidery masters try to transfer the secrets of the most famous Armenian embroidery patterns from the provinces of Marash, Ayntap, Van, Urfa and other Armenian regions.

While working, Huri and Salpi invent and develop new patterns, combining them with traditional ones.

They refer to embroidery as art; therefore, they think it should be spread through teaching.

Their works have repeatedly taken part in exhibitions in different countries. 

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