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Armenuhi Saghdasaryan

Armenuhi Saghdasaryan



“Armenian Letters constitute an inseparable and major part of our cultural identity. Therefore, I had the desire to uncover these ancient letters and ornaments and give them a new spirit along with a contemporary soul”

Let the letters speak...

Armenouhi Saghdasarian

Armenouhi Saghdasarian, born and raised in Lebanon, moved to live in Armenia with her family in 2001.

She discovered her passion for Batik art when she took special courses in painting on fabric in 2015. Since then, Armenouhi has gradually mastered this complex yet unique drawing and painting technique, confidently shifting from simple images to more complex and harmonious compositions. Armenouhi’s knowledge of Arabic calligraphic art has greatly helped her to study and discover the particularities of Armenian calligraphy and miniature ornaments.

This experience has been a pleasant challenge and an inspiration for someone without an academic background in art. Having mastered this technique of painting on fabric, Armenouhi has been boldly trying to create very different genres and compositions, shifting from simple forms to more complex ones.

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