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Armine Stamboltsyan

Armine Stamboltsyan



Armine Stamboltsyan is a qualified linguist and translator. In 2016, she founded the handmade-crafts brand “Armins”.
The trademark is based on the idea of transforming miniature paintings into jewellery, thus making art accessible and wearable.

Jewellery items are primarily paintings that can be passed down from generation to generation. All works are created exclusively in a single copy for which the respective passport is issued. The metals used are bronze, stainless steel and 925-sterling silver. Works in gold are made upon order.

Canvas-oil paintings-based jewellery items are the only ones of their kind in the world – evidencing the Armenian spirit, love and culture, as well as the Armenian nature and art. Each collection or piece of jewellery has its own history and energy.
The Artist also creates items in silver with polymer clay, using abstract and miniature sculptural techniques.

The small canvas-jewels are distinguished by their uniqueness, where love, warmth, soul and family, as well as Yerevan chronicles, old Armenian ornaments, bird signs, symbols, and abstraction, arise from the inner world and, of course, the nature of her Native Land are comprised.
Jewellery is also created based on customers’ personal stories and photos of special moments.

“Armins” has participated in various exhibitions and handicrafts displays organized in Armenia. In 2022, the author was awarded the “Hero of Our Times” state program award. In 2023, she was awarded the title of “Artist - Esthete” by the Business Women’s Club.

The mission of “Armins” is to fill people’s lives, souls, and thoughts with bright colours, make art wearable, spread the Armenian spirit through jewellery, and leave its mark in this world, creating in Armenia only.

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